Wonderful Indonesia: International Cultural Immersion of Saint Paul University Philipines

International Cultural Immersion of Saint Paul University Philipines 4th year Nursing Student

Earth, as they say, is a wellspring of amazing places and fascinating cultures and one of it is Indonesia.

Indonesia, a southeast asian nation made up of thousands of volcanic islands, is home to hundred ethnic groups speaking many different languages bridging the continents of Asia and Australia;multitude of amazing landscapes and biodiversity stretching along the equator line  . It is known for beaches and jungles sheltering elephants, orangutans and tigers. It is The world’s largest Muslim population. It is indeed a land of endless spectacular wonders.

To have been exposed in this kind of setting is something worth sharing for the next generation to come. Its supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. There’s always a bundle of new learnings, feelings and realizations  waiting just behind every door. Its amazing and interesting to observe how people of other culture mentality lives. You get to know places and people more than you could’ve ever imagined or that maybe you could’ve disregarded before.

They say it’s nothing special. Nothing interesting. Nothing more. But nothing as wonderful as it could be. People are so generous and they always give everything they have. It’s more than what the naked eye can see. It radiates through a persons life how they,despite difficult circumstances,live at peace with each other. They have the power of being friendly. You will really get along with them like its not your first time seeing each other. They are hospitable. I remember a girl from midwifery class who gave food and water to us. That  is really something to appreciate. Also, you see their willingness to learn Tagalog and some of Philippine Culture, which is a good way to establish rapport and build better communication .

It is a rare opportunity to immerse with other country, there will be adjustments especially in their beliefs. First of all you will learn their language which is the Bahasa Indonesia. It’s not as easy as solving any mathematical question but you will eventually master it for a period of time especially when exposed to them. Some of it are TerimaKasih (Thank you), Sama-sama(Welcome), apa kabar (How are you)  And Nama saya( My name is).

Young as we are, we are bound to learn so much of what this world can ever give. Be willing to breathe knowledge and be  open-minded. The world is not only revolving around you so take every step to gain more wisdom and become wiser.

You were there innocently and you will be back guilty. Appreciate and value simple things, simple as it may seem but bears heavy weight.

Life won’t always give us the perfect  recipes. It let us discover how to balance the sweetness in every bitterness. We may fall on our way going to success but it won’t matter as long as we continue standing in the promise of God, rise up and reach the pinnacle of success.

One place, many destinations.  Totally awesome! 1derful Indonesia.

Mahasiswa St. Paul University berfoto bersama dengan Ketua Yayasan dan Jajaran Civitas Akademika Kampus Sari Mulia

Rapat Kerja Nasional Badan Penanggulangan Bencana Nasional Ikatan Lembaga Mahasiswa Ilmu Keperawatan Indonesia

RAKERNAS BPBN ILMIKI diselenggarakan selama dua hari. Hari pertama dilaksanakan pada tanggal 14 Oktober 2016 di mana pada hari pertama ini akan dilaksanakan opening ceremony dan pada hari kedua akan dilakukan pelantikan pengurus dan anggota tetap BPBN ILMIKI Periode 2016-2018 dan pembahasan  serta pengesahan program kerja yang telah disepakati bersama oleh badan pengurus BPBN ILMIKI. Adapun divisi-divisi yang termasuk ke dalam kepengurusan BPBN ILMIKI periode 2016-2018 adalah,Divisi Pemberdayaan Sumber Daya Manusia (PSDM),Divisi Operasi Lapangan (OPLAP),Divisi Informasi dan Komunikasi (INFOKOM) dan Divisi Ekonomi Bisnis (EKBIS). Dan untuk hari ketiga akan diadakan  closing ceremony,penyerahan cendramata dan city tour ke Eco Green Park Batu,setelah itu akan dilakukan pemulangan peserta ke daerah masing-masing.

Bakti Sosial Masyarakat

Kegiatan Bakti Sosial oleh Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa.

Jenis kegiatan yang kami lakukan adalah:

1. Pemeriksaan tekanan darah gratis

2. Pemeriksaan gula darah

3. Konsultasi

Kegiatan ini dilaksanakan pada hari minggu tanggal 5 Juni 2016 dan rutin setiap 3 bulan sekali dihalaman Masjid Raya Sabilal Muhtadin dengan tujuan menjalin hubungan silaturahmi dan meningkatkan kepedulian terhadadap masyarakat.

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